Adam Pittman

Hi, My name is Adam. I have been homeless since the age of 18 because of my past choices. A choice such as stealing from my family to support my bad habit involving drugs. My family eventually kicked me out I then turned to my friends for help. All I had was a backpack full of clothes, it wasn’t much. I then moved in with my friends families house, but they only let me stay for a few days. I was always staying a different friends house at the same time still looking for work. During this time I became really ill, Seeing thing and hearing things I was clean after leaving my families house from drugs but for some reason I was seeing things that weren’t there. To ease the pain, I got back into drugs which lead me to steal from the friends I was staying at. Eventually, they stop letting me stay over there house. A couple weeks later I got injured at work and I was out of work for 6 months.

I became depressed and started smoking week pretty much every day. One day my illness got even worse, I completely lost it and a couple of my friends suggested I go see a Doctor. I finally got up enough courage to go see a therapist. After seeing them they prescribed medication for schizophrenia. After taking the medication for a while I was feeling a lot better. But then my therapist changed my medication a couple days later my world ended. I lost my mind! My friend called the cops they put me in a mental institute for 24 hours. I was then released into my mom’s hands. One day later I find out I’m no long able to stay with my friends anymore but stay with my mom which is also a meth addict. Trying to bond with my mom I began to use again.

After a week of getting high I fell back and snapped again. My mom’s boyfriend beat me bad, he and my mom took off and left me there. I called the cops to get help. They told me to stay on the floor but I was confused because I was the one that called them, I turned my back and they tased me. I tried to run but the cops jumped on me. I was in jail for 20 longs days. I was released after the 20 days was over, I tried to stay at my old friends house but he wouldn’t let me stay there. I understood but I really had nowhere to go, I looked for help and found the LGBT center they then found me a shelter named Covenant House. I am no working and in the middle of applying for Iss, feeling the best I ever have.

Live and love is the only advice I would offer. And always remember to stay strong.