Ashia Daniels

Hi my name is Ashia Daniels I am 20 years old and I have been homeless for 2 months. I was placed in since I was 11 years old. I was placed in foster care because my mom sexually and physically abused me since I was 3 until social service removed me from home. That following year I “came out”  as a lesbian, a couple years later I aged out of foster care and went back to my moms house. But the sexually and physical abuse didnt stop so I ran away. I ended up being in a relationship with my girlfriend at the time and moved in with her.I stayed with her for about a year then found out she was cheating on me then she decided to kick me out that’s when my life of being homeless started.

What is one important lesson learned while transitioning into adulthood?

All you have is yourself but more so you need other to survive.

What are your goals for your adulthood?

My goals are to be successful and inspire people that life doesn’t define you. You define you. As well and as being the best actor I can be!