Chadbourne Bernard

Hi my name is Chadbourne  Barnard, and  I’m 23 years old. I was homeless for 3 years and I currently attend Los Angeles City College. Im originally from Ohio, and I came out here with my best friend when I was 19. His family lived out here so I stayed with them for a couple months. Unfortunately his family and I didn’t get along with each other so I moved from there and lived house to house. During this time it was really hard for me not knowing the next place I would lay my head. I got involved with a woman that happen to be a celebrity’s daughter . It was very hard to meet the expectation of the relationship because of my current situation. The relationship became disastrous, with us continuously fighting. I found myself incarcerated 6 times while in the relationship.During that time I really got to understand myself and that I couldn’t blame anyone else for my faults. Taking full responsibility for my actions, I came out devoting myself to bettering my life. Currently I live at the shelter at covenant house and I’m going to school full-time to be a nurse I am also working now as a nursing assistant.

The one important lesson I learned while transitioning out of homelessness into adulthood is you shouldn’t be in a rush to trust everyone because everyone might not have the best interest in you. You have to be responsible for yourself. But without trust you cannot live your fullest potential. So I’ve learn to trust where trust is needed.

My goals in life is to finish school, and use my talents and abilities to become successful.