Christian Parker

Hi my name is Christian Parker I am 20 years old and I have been homeless for 4 months. I grew up in Michigan, but I never really got alone with my family, they didn’t quite understand me and they never found the time to get to understand me. I felt like the black sheep of my family always feeling alone. One day me and my mom got in big argument and she decided to kick me out of the house. I was left even more alone wandering the streets. A couple weeks later because of my anger towards life I lost my 2 jobs I had to struggle to find another job in Michigan but no other job where open at the time. So I decided to start my life over in California.

The one thing I would stay I learned during my journey is alot about people and a whole lot about myself. I learned how to speak to people as well as reach out to people. I also learned how to see good in everything.

What are your goals for your adulthood?

My goal in life is to be fully happy with my life and doing what I love.         

 What is one thing you would like SEED HOUSE PROJECT’s assistance in?

I would like assistance with being able to self sustain myself in all facets housing, food etc.