Jane Loiseau

Hi My name is Jane Loiseau I was homeless for 2 years. I was moving from place to place after we got evicted (me and my dad). I finally just moved in with my best friend when I was 16. My best friends  moms boyfriend was harassing us, so we ran away. When we got to California we maxed out all of our cards on food and hotels, trying to survive so we had to do something quick. We called around and thats when we found a shelter.

What is one important lesson while transitioning into adulthood? 

 It was hard but I learned some very important values. I learned that when life gets hard sometimes doesnt mean you just give up! Hope is alive! So many times I wanted to give up but I didn’t because I believed in my self, I believed in my worth despite what the world said. Life is a journey and its not always going to be easy. When you fall on the ground, you have to get back up because giving up isn’t an option and also learn not to take anything for granted.

What are your goals for your adulthood? 

My goals are to save up at least 5,000 before I leave and find a stable job, and stabling housing. I also want to have a career in singing/ modeling as well as create my own non-profit organization ( homeless shelter for youth )and inspire others someday.