Richard Robinson

Hi my name is Richard Robinson I’m 21 years old and I have been homeless for about a year now. I became homeless after I left my parents house. I was 19 and I completed 1 year of community college in Chicago while living with my parents. While living with my parents, I became very unhappy and did not feel safe. I was receiving different forms of abuse and had to get out of that environment. So I used the money I received from my scholarship to go travel, which eventually led to me settling in Los Angeles. I didn’t have any real plans beyond getting out of Chicago. When I left my parents house I slept on streets for a couple months until I found a shelter. I got arrested one month of me being on the streets. During this time it was very hard, I lost my sense of purpose. Now I’m trying to get back on my feet and find my purpose.

The one most important thing I learned while transitioning into adulthood is life isnt always what I expect it to be. I also learned that freedom and happiness are very important but can be hard to come across.

My goal in life is to get my masters degree in nursing and to be happy, travel and live a life I’ll be proud of when I get older.