Rule Buchanan

My name is Rule Buchanan, and I am 20 years old. I am from Los Angeles, CA. After years of instability and certain tragedies my parents could no longer care for me. Crippled by cancer and other various illnesses, my parents were unable to provide for me and at the age of 13 we lost our home. Starting at the age of 13 I was sleeping in cars, friend’s couches, and eventually on the streets. A month ago I found this shelter, which is where I have been for a month.

One important lesson I learned while transitioning into adulthood is to never settle for less and always strive to be the best through positive growth. My goals are to graduate from a university with a double major and found my own enterprise.

I would like Seed House Project to help me receive a scholarship or financial aid. I would also like help with any networking opportunity.