Sage Blackwell

Hi my name Sage Blackwell I am 20 years old and I have been homeless for a couple months. Very short story but my parents kicked me out, been trying to find my place ever since. Its been very hard to grow up so quick as a young kid but I have manage to find my way.

What is one important lesson learned while transitioning into adulthood?

The one thing I learned is that staying positive is a cultivated skill and perseverance will take you very far. I am still learning how to be positive, but it has gotten better. I never knew how determined I was until I was put into this situation.

What are your goals for adulthood?

One of my goals is to get into the entertainment industry and pursue my dreams as acting. Another goal is to meet people that are encouraging surround myself with people who will help me grow as a person.

What is one thing you would like Seed House Project’s assistance in?

I would like assistance in helping me get exposed to things that I normally wouldn’t get access to. Like meeting people in the industry to further my dream!