Ternell Manuel

Hi my name is Ternell Manuel I am 21 years old, and I have been in foster care and homeless since I was 11. I was placed in foster care at the age of 11 due to domestic violence. Seeing my mom getting beat a couple times a week was really hard for me to see. It was not a good place to grow up as a child. In 2011 I aged out of foster care and enrolled in school at Cal State University of Northridge. The first year I entered college I became homeless, which eventually led to me dropping out of school to try and get on my feet. I have been in and out of homeless shelters since then.

The one important lesson I learned was that I must never give up on myself, and that I am not alone. I will become someone that can help others if I stick to my goals. I learned to focus on my purpose and the reason why I’m here. My goals in life is to get back in school. I want to do law enforcement. I want to grow in my faith in God. My goal is to help everyone around me and become a great father. We are trying to raise money to get Ternell to school Click below to help us support his dream!