Tiffany Adams

Hi my name is Tiffany Adams and I’m 18 years old. I was homeless for 4 months before placed in the Covenant House program. My experience being homeless was really rough. Living on the street was not easy, especially knowing I had a mother out there available to help me. My mother kicked me out, at the age of 17 and I no longer could attend school. My mother expressed to me many times that I was lazy and a failure, and eventually I came to believe that. I felt like no one was on my side to push me to be better or to give me opportunity. She was the only example of a person that knew me and loved me the most and yet wanted nothing to do with me. This became my definition of love, which damaged my view of self-love.

 The one important lesson I learned while transitioning out of adulthood is that I have to stay focus on never losing hope but understand that life is a work of art and not a walk in the park. We learn from our journey but my journey doesn’t define me, it’s what I learned during the journey that defines me!

My goals in life is to join the army reserve and become a operating assistant while I serve.