Our V.I.P Model


    Each necklace is individually designed by and etched with the name of one of our Penny Smiths. Each Penny Smith’s story is associated with their name and initials on our “Meet the Penny Smiths” page where you can learn more about each of these talented individuals. We believe there is enormous value in empowering our youth to share their stories and personalize their Save A Penny contribution.


    We invest in future of each youth and our shared community by providing opportunity through employment and job skills training. Additionally, each individual employed by Save A Penny has the opportunity to pair with a SEED partner in a one-on-one mentorship through our partner organization, Seed House Project


    With every purchase, you help support the mission of Save A Penny and Seed House Project. All proceeds go toward our programming and provide live/work space, access to education and employment, and individualized mentorship to Transition Age Youth in the LA area experiencing homelessness.