About Us

Save A Penny is a social enterprise that is designed to share the stories of people in need. With every penny there is a story and every story has a value. At Save A Penny, we don’t look at a penny for its worth but for its history. Each penny is uniquely engraved with the name of that individual in need and made into a necklace. Then, that necklace is attached with a note that the individual wants to share to the world. With every purchase, you provide employment and opportunity.


Each necklace is individually designed and engraved with the name of the youth who create the necklace. Each of our youth's story is associated with their name and initials on out Story Wall page where you can learn more about them and what they hope to accomplish. We believe there is an enormous value in storytelling that strengthens and empowers our youth and many others.


We invest in the future of each youth and our shared community by providing opportunity through employment and job skills training. Each youth is individually employed at Save A Penny through our partnership with Seed House Project where they have the opportunity to receive training and mentorship by our volunteers.


With every purchase, you help support the mission of Save A Penny and Seed House Project. All proceeds go towards our transitional housing facility, access to education and employment, and mentorship to homeless youth in Los Angeles area.