Wesley Schmit

Hi my name is Wesley Schmit I am 21 years old and I have been in foster care for 2 years and homeless for 2 years. I was placed in foster care because my parents were always moving around. I ended staying with my grandma and then my mom got me back for living with her for 8 months because I started stealing again, then I moved back with my grandma. Then stayed with some friends and after that I ended up in a covenant house. My mom also passed away 2 years ago so I have been on my own. I’m just looking for employment.

What is one important lesson learned while transitioning into adulthood?

Well one lesson I learned is you have more responsibilities to take care of but you also have freedom. You are taking on more obstacles than you were as a kid.

What are your goals for your adulthood?

I was thinking of working, saving to get my own apartment and get my own car.

What is one thing you would like Seed House Project’s assistance in?

Possibly the Seed House Project could assist me in employment. I am very detail oriented, punctual and reliable. Maybe also some skills too.